Info for Newport Village Businesses

Dear Newport Business Owners,

We are thrilled to say that we will be celebrating the 5th year of the Newport Sculpture Trail and are intending to make this year’s event more successful than ever!

For the first time the Trail will become an associated event with the Manly Arts Festival, our prime arts and cultural festival on the Northern Beaches Peninsula. The festival’s reach is huge and we are hoping that this will further promote Newport as a cultural destination bringing a larger sector of the public to your business domain!

This year’s event also sees the invitation for performance, sound and installation artists to exhibit to help vitalise the village and to give the trail additional art happenings. These additions to our trail calendar will help further promote interest from the Northern Beaches community to return to Newport village for more than one event. Hence the exhibition from 2017 will be titled: The Newport Sculpture Trail-Blazers indicating these new opportunities for artists to exhibit Sculpture, Performance, Sound and Installation artworks.

This year’s Newport Sculpture Trail-Blazer dates will be from:

Friday 27th October installation of artworks till Monday 13th November deinstallation of artworks.

What your business will receive:

  1. Promotion of your business on our Trail-Blazer brochures.
  2. Promotion of your Business on our upgraded website and Facebook page which will include a trail-blazers map locating your business site.
  3. Promotion of Newport Village through The Manly Arts Festival.
  4. Promotion of your business with flower boxes and banners strategically placed at the front of all contributing businesses.

We sincerely hope that you will join us for this year’s great exhibition!
The Trail-Blazers Team

Your Contact

Patsy Clayton-Fry
Newport Sculpture Trail Founder and Public Liaisons Officer

0403 817 341


Early Bird Special $75.00 if paid before 5PM Wednesday May 31st 2017

$100.00 if payment is received after Wednesday May 31st 2017

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